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Decanter with Label Tags

Decanter with Label Tags

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Whiskey Decanter With Label Tags - Glass Airtight Stopper

Drinking fine spirits isn't an activity, it's an experience! True whiskey enthusiasts know that having a glass of whiskey in fine elegant drinkware and accessories, makes the moment more unique!

This Whiskey Set is different from others: The set also includes 2 beautiful double sided engraved metal tags. Four classic choices of whiskey can be displayed on the bottle for enhanced luxury décor. To make this experience even more unique and splendid, pour your whiskey into where it belongs:

Our exquisite wine decanter features thick and luminous Italian-crafted glass along with a glass geometric stopper.

Dimensions 10.5" x 5.5" x 3" Our exquisite wine decanter is designed for the moment and will be a gift that will elevate any home bar into a respect worthy collection! The sturdy glass on the whisky decanter preserves your beverage's crisp, rich texture for a fresh taste every time. Smooth sides make the water decanter ideal for adding an engraved monogram for personalization!

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