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How we started..

First I want to thank you for coming to our page and reading more about us and checking out our fantastic products.  

Southern Blessed? How did you come up with that name? Who are you? What do you sell? All these are common questions we get in our stores on a daily basis. We are a small family owned business just trying to make a name for ourself while providing high quality products at a great price for everyone, and along the way helping other small businesses. 

To begin this journey started many years ago because my mother, my granny and myself spent our free time together shopping and talking about how we would love to have our own store one day. It was alway just talk and a dream until finally in my early 30s I decided to take a leap and try online website. Less of a risk if I still work a full-time job and do this on the side was my thought. I loved creating my own website, using my photography to show to others through the website and taking my creativity to a level that I would make my own shirts.  

My mom and I spent less time on working on the site and more time on talking about our dream of it being what we do for a living. We wanted it to grow to feel comfortable to open a brick and mortar store and give my Granny her dream and what she always wanted along with ours.  She was a woman who gave everything to others and never asked for anything in return. I wake up every day striving to be half the woman she was. 

Things got in the way of opening that brick and mortar store (fear, life, covid, and then my granny developing Alzheimers). We lost my granny on December 28th 2021 to Alzheimers and after losing her I knew I needed to take a big leap with this business but was confused how, where and what to do. Finally I decided to open my first store in a small town of Reidsville, NC. It was a bit of a learning experience and figuring out who we were as a business. After a few months we figured out what we wanted to provide and stand for.  

We went from trying liquidation pallets to provide items and incredible cheap rates in times when everything is so expensive, to selling consignment clothing because it was less overhead, to realizing we wanted to sell items from other small businesses and what we created. We knew we held an opportunity to help other small businesses along this journey. My granny said to give to others when you can and give back at every opportunity and that is what our business is built around. When you are on our website you will see some of our beginnings still lingering with liquidation and consignment items on the site. However, you will also see our transition into some amazing high quality beautiful items we have made ourselves and our small business vendors have made. So know that when you buy from us you support more than just small business. 

In a world where many big box stores have taken over we are fighting to survive them and provide for you. To hear our customers feedback of pure happiness after they receive their items and having regulars come in each week to support us is a feeling we just can't describe and I know it would make my granny smile from ear to ear and to just hug them all. 

As for the name Souther Blessed..well my granny would always tell me I was blessed and to never forget that. So I knew I needed to put that in the name and make a name she was proud of and so I thought well we are from the South so how about Southern Blessed. She loved the name and even during her time with fighting Alzheimers she never forgot the name of the company.

During our journey we will continue to give you more information on our company and the other companies that make us who we are. Please take a trip over to our other pages and look at all we have to offer. Click to follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep updated with new items coming in and sales, etc.  

We hope you have a Blessed day.  

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Dreams do come true!!! So happy for you!!! ⚓️

Beth Hollstein

I’m so proud of you and my friend, your Mom for all the hard work y’all have done to get where you are today. God Bless❤️

Priscilla Dellinger

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