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Dadbod Apparel - All Mesh DadVibes Snapback

Dadbod Apparel - All Mesh DadVibes Snapback

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Extra Breathable - Perfect Active Hat This is one is for the Dads who need a little extra ventilation in their hats. Perfect for running or any other cardio exercise you choose to do. These are a completely FULL MESH snapback. Yup, mesh crown & mesh back providing extra ventilation and making this hat incredibly breathable.  I wanted to put decorate the hat with a design that also stood out and complimented the hat.

Being a dad is a 24/7 'job' that we don't takes any days off from. We wanted to showcase this mentality with a rad DadVibes curved design embroidered on the front and 24/7 on the side to serve as a constant reminder of our role as fathers.

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