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The people at Southern Blessed have been involved with volunteer groups and events for a while, so with the new store we decided to include our customers in the volunteer events as well. For those who want to be involved in the volunteer events email us or come by the store and let us know so we can put you on the contact list. 

Upcoming events we have are in June.  The first event is June 13th with backpack beginnings. We would love to have more to join us at their warehouse on that day moving things around and helping out in the warehouse and packing items in the backpacks to give out to kids in need.  We are so excited to go and work on site with such an amazing group of people and want to share this with all of you. So let us know you would like to come out and we will get you the details. 

The next event will be June 17th and it will be in honor of the longest day of the year the summer solstice to fight Alzheimer's. We are going to have a lemonade stand setup and all the proceeds from the sales will go to the Alzheimer's foundation and 10% of all sales in the stores will also be donated to the foundation. If you are unable to make it out on June 17th and would like to donate to the foundation the link for the page to donate is below. 


More information on these events and many others will be announced on the blogs and social media pages. 

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