End of Summer..

End of Summer..

Summer is beginning to wind down and about time for kids to go back to school.  Hard to believe another summer has come and gone so quickly.  Each season is a blessing and brings it's own excitement but I sure am glad cooler weather is just around the corner.  There is something great of a crisp morning air and color of leaves turning that makes that morning coffee even more enjoyable. 

As we approach that fall season and back to school remember your small businesses during that time. Those small businesses see a decline during the summer typically and miss your faces. They care about you and your family. Remember to stop by your favorite local stores and see what you can grab to begin that fall season or back to school gear. 

Back to school means: getting back into a routine, going to bed earlier and rising earlier, it means getting that right school gear to feel good going back (including you teachers).  It also means some kids may be a little nervous about starting school, being at a new school, etc. Just wanted to share advice I had heard on handling this situation. Throw a back to school party for your child the day before the first day of school to build excitement for the new year. Let that be the time you give them new book bag, lunch box, pencils. This may help them through their first day jitters. 

After all of this don't forget to take that 1st day of school picture in their Southern Blessed gear and tag us. We wish you all a successful school year and know it will be a great year. Looking forward to the fall events. 

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