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Amazing Grand Opening Weekend

Southern Blessed wants to thank everyone who came out for the Grand Opening weekend. It was a phenomenal weekend and enjoyed seeing everyone we knew and lots of new faces. Blessed we were with the turnout of the crowd. For those who didn't make it we sure did miss you but be sure to come by and say hey anytime. 

Friday was the ribbon cutting with the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce and it was so great to meet that amazing group of people and spend time with them and share our story. Saturday started off worrisome with the weather and hoping it wouldn't keep people from coming out. There was light rain, heavy rain, sideways rain and lots of wind but you all still showed up and supported with so much love and joy. Seeing so many familiar faces made the day even better and the amount of new faces that said they had been following our journey and watching us move into the store or had heard about us made us feel so welcome to the community. There are no words to thank you all for coming out in that crazy weather and supporting local.  

It was obvious everyone felt so at home because many of you stayed and mingled and talked for hours and that was one of the best parts of the day. We worked hard to make it a store that makes everyone feel welcome to come in and spend some time with us and we knew we had done it right after Saturday. 

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts to you all. We will have more events in the future so stay tuned to us on Facebook and the blog for the up coming events so you can all come out again and spend time with us and don't forget to spread the word to others you know. 

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